Boost your revenue
and audience value

Monetization platform for news media

Be part of the Story

Reach an audience wilfully engaged

Personalize user experience,

drive more engagement

SmartWall is a data-driven and dynamic paywall powered by actionable data & insights

  • Better understand your audience
  • Grow payments and subscriptions
  • Boost your ad revenue
  • Tackle the Ad-Blocking opportunity

Get closer to your readers,

convert your potential subscribers

  • Give access immediately to paid content
  • New ad format with higher engagement
  • In line with volatile consumers who have adopted "on-demand" behaviours

The SmartWall: a massive opportunity

Turn attention

into meaningful revenue

Inside the SmartWall, brands can display click-to-play video ads or generate interactions and engagement with readers. Then readers are rewarded with free access to your content.

“In the era of fragmented media and audiences, attention is one of the scarcest resources. The SmartWall gives us the opportunity to catch efficiently users’ attention while rewarding them.”

Jan de Schepper,
Marketing Director at Swissquote Bank